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Hi, my name is Bashirat and I have lived through four different lives. I am actually on my fifth, lol.

I help individuals and corporate organizations reach their best potential and operate at their optimum through my company’s signature life and business enhancing emotional intelligence, social intelligence and mental wellness programs. 

I also help trauma survivors heal from a haunting past, own, convert, sell and profit from their stories through all forms of scalable media. 

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My new book “From Pain to Purpose” is a mini autobiography of my life and my painful past. After losing the two most important men in my life (father and husband) and being able to have my life back due to post traumatic stress disorder and depression, I knew that I needed to share this story of survival with the world. I realised many people who have had a tough time in life or lost their loved ones find it difficult to move on. So I decided to share my life’s painful story with the world. To inspire people who may feel like giving up on life already due to one thing or the other. No matter what happens “don’t give up yet, hang on in there”.

“No one’s life should end because of the loss of a loved one. Heal. Love. Live.” – Bashirat

When I finally decided to I was going to write the book, I wrote every day 8am and sometimes at night and early mornings for about four months. Editing took about five weeks; publishing took three weeks. All in all, it took me 6 months.


Great, I love your intellect and purpose. Your leadership is amazing. As I share your book and bio with others, they may want to speak with you.

Enrico Berry

Arizona, USA

This book is motivation-overload in text that will inspire you to be a better you, undoubtedly.

Kukugbo Samson


Your story will always give others the privilege to always be grateful for what they have. I am a survival of depression even though my family and friends never seems to notice but Alhamdulillah this book have really made me want to heal myself and I pray that I quickly recover.

Tawakaltu Adeoti


Wow!!! Bashirat I commend you. You are one brave , strong and courageous woman. At first, I felt sorry for you while reading but as I continued reading, the pity faded, Why? Because you never presented yourself as an object of pity. You quickly embraced life and moved on. I have learnt a whole lots from your story. 1. To be grateful for things I have, Had and never had. 2. To accept every situation in life and always count as blessings. 3. To be a fighter and a goal getter regardless of the situation I find myself. 4. To stay true to myself and always stay happy (self love) . 5. To find my purpose in life and use to help others in the way of the Lord Indeed you have used your pains to find your purpose in life. Well Done ma'am. You will go places Masha Allah. If you ever for once lost track on your purpose in life or you are confused on how to define your existence in life , please buy this book and read. You just supported a life by doing so.


Coventry, UK

The life of man is that which is embedded with pain and losses; that which we go through to find our ultimate purpose in life. "From Pain to Purpose" by @freshbashy is a book about the life of the author and how through all the pain and losses she experienced, she was still able to gracefully and wonderfully redirect to her purpose which is to positively impact the lives of other people. One of the quotes that inspired me from Bashirat Abdulwahab's book was Maya Angelou's quote - "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." We all have a purpose; A reason for our creation, which we wonder and ponder about. We want to make an impact one way or another but not everyone finds his/her life's purpose. Through the pain and losses of loved ones, Bashirat Abdulwahab found her purpose. Her purpose is to positively impact the lives of others. Which she does through her social enterprise @hands_4life And like I say, "the greatest of all services is that which is done for humanity." "From Pain to Purpose" starts the brain to think about life and one's purpose for existence.Bashirat Abdulwahab is an inspiration for us all." "No one's life should end because of the loss of a loved one; heal, love, live

Abdulwahab Lawal

Lagos, Nigeria

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